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Katavi National Park remains one of the greatest wildlife experiences of Africa. Miles from anywhere, it has an almost mythical status and, it’s thought, a greater density of mammals than any other Tanzanian reserve. Rivers groan with hippopotamus and crocodiles, and massed on the plains are the last great herds of buffalo in East Africa, up to 1000 head. From December to February, Katavi is green and lush after the short rains, with great elephant and plains game sightings. It’s a fantastic time for birding, and everywhere you look the plains are covered in wildflowers. In May and June, it’s still green and lush after the long rains, and this is a wonderful time of year to visit. From July to October, the weather is getting hotter as the plains dry out. The rivers and pools are drying up which concentrates the game in specific areas making for amazing sightings of animals, particularly the crocs and hippos who congregate in their masses in the pools. This is the place for the wildlife connoisseur, and the traveller who thinks the African bush can offer up no more surprises.